CoUnity Data
Innovative project for dermatologists
Take part in creating a digital dermatology assistant
and earn additional income
Who are we?
CO-UNITY DATA advances the field of dermatology by creating AI and teledermatology solutions.
We are developing a platform to provide accessible diagnostics to patients by leveraging Real-World Data
Susan Conover
CEO @ Piction Health

"Visual search for skin diseases using computer vision and artificial intelligence to help doctors save time and improve care."
Tetiana Sviatenko
Vice-President of the Ukrainian Association of Dermatologists
Official Letter
"Participation in this project is an opportunity to help people around the world get rid of skin diseases and become healthier."
Vlad Koroviakovskyi
"Our mission is to make dermatology care more accessible and affordable for all patients globally."
What problem are we solving?
A population of around a billion patients with skin issues is misdiagnosed and does not have access to the specialized care
2.3 billion
people worldwide face a skin condition issue annually
of the cases are being taken care of by non-specialists
of such cases are misdiagnosed
Let's solve this problem together
Collaborate with us to create an imaging dataset of a sufficient size, accuracy, and diversity levels.
You can start our collaboration by following the procedure below:
- Download a Telegram App
You can download Telegram from App Store or Google Play
- Open our bot and register
During the registration, you will also sign a Licensing Agreement
- Make a photo of a patient's localizations
The maximum limit is 3 photos per one localization. It takes ~1 minute to capture all photos
- Upload photos and associated information
Using our Telegram Bot upload photos, associated diagnosis, age and gender of the patient
- Earn compensation
Active user-dermatologists can earn $300-500 a month working with us. We are making weekly payouts
- Get an International Certificate
Become a part of the dermatology community that fosters innovation
What have we achieved so far?
Dermatology experts in our community
The data of ~1,500 patients is contributed on the weekly basis
Images contributed by our dermatology experts
We want healthcare innovation to be inclusive and benefit all types of populations removing a racial bias from future technology.
What are the data requirements?
General dermatology, excluding dermato oncology
Will this eliminate the profession of dermatologist in the future?
No, we are developing a digital assistant to help in cases when a non-specialist is not 100% sure of a diagnosis. To reduce the risk of misdiagnosis, you can just use a digital assistant on your smartphone.
Is this compliant with the data privacy regulation?
We are compliant with the data privacy regulation in every country we operate. If there are no relevant data privacy laws in a country of operation, we use HIPAA (the US healthcare data privacy regulation ) as our legal framework for data licensing.

This means companies, such as ours, are allowed to collect DE-IDENTIFIED patient data (No personal information, such as patients' names, phone numbers, etc., and no images with identifiable elements, such as areas around the open eyes in the case of face localization).

As long as you provide us with the de-identified data, we are compliant with the data privacy regulation in most jurisdictions.
Do I need a patient's written consent to make images of a patient, and later transfer them to your telegram bot?
Because you do not transfer a patient's personal information to us, we do not need to obtain a patient's written consent. You only need oral consent from patients to take photos of them.
Will I still own all the rights to the data after I transferred it to you?
Yes, you remain the owner of all the data provided to us. We only receive a licensing right to the data provided. Please, read the section Section 3 License Grant of the License Terms and Agreements, which you will be provided during the registration.
What happens if I accidentally provided photos of a face with areas around eyes, which are open?
We have an internal team of experts to check all the cases provided to us to verify the accuracy, quality, and compliance with the data privacy regulation. In cases when we find images with identifiably elements, we de-identify such images immediately.
I have a busy schedule and do not have enough time to participate in this project.
Using our technology, the patients' upload process does not take more than 10 mins a day (~10 patients a day).
I do not use Telegram. What should I do?
We have prepared detailed video instructions, and our user success manager will be able to help you with all questions, including help with registration in the telegram and bot.
What compensation can I earn by participating in your project?
Our compensation system is based on the number of images you provide. You can earn from $1 to $5 per patient. Your compensation is based on the number of images per localization, and the number of localizations per patient.

Average example: In case when you upload 2 localizations per patient and 3 images per localization. (Then ,10 patients/day x $2 = $20/day = $100/week =$400/month).

On average, our active users earn from $200 to $500 monthly.
What information do I need to provide along with a diagnosis?
Besides, images you only need t to provide us with the diagnosis (for instance, plaque psoriasis), age, and gender of the patient.
How to start
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